Terra Preta

BRING BACK THE TERRA PRETA You may think that biochar is an absolute new invention, but rumour has it that the Amazonian people used it over 1000 years ago. Back in the time it was known as terra preta. You probably heard about it before – an incredibly fertile black earth, perfect for farming, totally natural, without any chemical additives. This is what Mother Nature brought to you and now you can have it in your garden without traveling to the Amazon Basin. (more…)

Gardening Tips & Tricks

Do you want improve your soil and get the most out of it without any doubts? Check the gardening tips on our website and impress your neighbours with a blooming Garden of Eden. But first of all, you will need Biochar to get started. Our product is fully organic and made by pyrolizing biomass – What does it meant? Pyrolysis is the process of burning organic matter at low temperatures without oxygen. This is far more sustainable than any production process of chemical fertilizers, that are available on the market. (more…)

Boost your soil, get better crops and reduce climate change

Biochar is a stable solid rich in carbon, basically a charcoal, used as a soil amendment. It is made out of biomass by a pyrolysis and has a huge potential to help mitigate climate change. The carbon in biochar resists degradation and can hold carbon in soils for hundreds to thousands of years. why use biochar? Biochar offers multiple benefits for your garden and for the climate. (more…)

Sustainability is the key

Think about climate change and try to reduce it before it affects you and everything around you. Global warming is one of the biggest threats to our planet – our goal is to stop abusing natural resources and turn into renewable energy. Using biochar is a perfect place to start. (more…)





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