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Radish roots also like char

Following on from our “Roots Love Char” post on our Tomato trial we have explored how radish plant roots might also interact with biochar

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nitrogen in soils with biochar donut chart

What do Meta Studies tell us about the Effect of Biochar on Crop Yields?

Thousands of academic papers have been published on the manufacture, properties and uses of biochar in agriculture and horticulture. Taken together

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Biochar attached to tomato plant roots

The Effect of Biochar on Root Systems – Roots Love Char

Now roots play some key roles in the life of plants they; anchor plants in the soil, are the engine for plant growth, provide access to water and

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carbon dioxide co2 blackboard

Direct Air Capture (DAC) of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) vs Biochar

Carbon Capture and Storage is becoming a mainstream news item as one of the actions the world will need to undertake to achieve net-zero carbon

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