Biochar Kiln Sales and Development Programme

Kilns built with carbon sequestration in mind

kiln development programme

Kiln/Retort Sales

Batch Biochar Kiln Development

We are currently building our first prototype batch biochar kiln in the UK with a predicted output of 100kgs per cycle/day. It is designed to take up to 50% moisture wood chip rather than logs and so can be more densely loaded for better efficiency than other retorts on the market. This kiln will be suitable for small operations in woodland, estates and farms. 

Potential for sale in late 2023

It is not available for sale today, but if you’re interested and can wait, then please register your interest below.

Kiln Development Programme

The CAPEX problem

We know that the biggest barrier to entry to producing biochar across the UK is the availability and cost of equipment. At one end open kilns provide a great starting point, but lack the sophistication to be considered for efficient carbon capture. At the other end continuous pyrolysis technology is very expensive and not suitable in many applications. This means there is a large gap in the market for technology that is affordable, semi mobile and efficient. We plan to address this exact opportunity.

Prototype Biochar Kiln

We are currently building our first prototype biochar kiln with our engineering partners, which has a 2m3 volume and can produce approximately 100kg of biochar per day. We expect to have commissioned it for testing by July 2023, with a view to then open up the development with keen biochar enthusiast engineers in the UK.


This programme is expected to be launched in summer 2023 and will be open to UK companies only. It is likely that the program will open with a bigger 5m3 design which has the potential to produce 250kg of biochar per day. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then please register your interest below.