Our story

adam allan

Hi, we’re Adam and Allan Samuel a father and son team founders of Here is our story so far from ideation to biochar advocates.


I was brought up to love nature and the outdoors from a very early age. My parents were active nature conservationists. They took us on Fungus Forays, cycle rides in the countryside and visits to our local Wildlife/Owl sanctuary. Growing up in Kent we also went on many an Orchid hunting trip to Queensdown Warren Nature Reserve, as well as countless trips to Romney marshes and beach combing for Quartz. It taught me the importance of the environment, natural habitats and patience with dads countless hours spent photographing plants and flowers.

I have had a successful career running multiple online businesses, however, in recent years I have wanted to actively find technology that can help fight global heating and its environmental impact.

The video that changed everything

My turning point was mid 2019 when I stumbled across a video entitled, ‘The Secret of El Dorado’, a brilliant BBC Horizon documentary. It tells the story of a group of scientists retracing the steps of the Spanish explorer Francisco de Orellana and the discovery of fertile soil called Terra Preta. I couldn’t stop thinking about this very compelling narrative.

I started to look at studies and the UK biochar industry. It surprised me to find a huge number of studies (over 7000). However, despite all this research the industry in the UK didn’t seem to have much momentum. The challenges are now clear and I believe my background in technology, online marketing and building businesses from scratch lend well to solving these challenges.


I am the one responsible for the photos and fungus forays. Chemistry is my background, I have worked in research, marketing, consultancy and management. My research roles included agrochemicals and production chemistry for oil and gas production. This combination gives me a strength of experience in measurement and chemical product development. On top of that I have some insight into the challenges of capturing carbon dioxide through sub-surface sequestration.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and an alumnus of Imperial College.

We are both passionate that biochar has the potential to change the carbon sequestration business and add immense value to the horticultural/agricultural business.