Think about climate change and try to reduce it before it affects you and everything around you. Global warming is one of the biggest threats to our planet – our goal is to stop abusing natural resources and turn into renewable energy. Using biochar is a perfect place to start. Most sustainable programs rely on management of gas. They focus mostly on what we directly pump into the atmosphere. Think bigger- by replacing the carbon that was removed you are sequestering the carbon that could’ve gone up into the atmosphere as CO2 and your allowing the natural processes in the soil to stay healthy and continue its positive impact by holding potentially climate changing emissions in our earth. When the biochar is buried in the ground as a soil amendment, the systems becomes carbon negative. The carbon in biochar resists degradation and can hold carbon in soils for hundreds of years. As we mentioned before, biochar is produced through pyrolysis – process where the biomass is heated in the absence of oxygen. In addition to creating a soil enhancer, sustainable biochar practices can produce oil and gas byproducts that can be used as fuel, providing clean, renewable energy. Biochar and bioenergy co-production can help combat global climate change by displacing fossil fuel use, It may also reduce emissions of nitrous oxide. The plants growth draw down atmospheric CO2 to produce biomass that contains carbon. Rather than allowing plant matter to decompose and emit CO2, pyrolysis transforms carbon from the plant tissue into a stable and inactive form of carbon. While the photosynthesis removes CO2 from the atmosphere, biochar stores carbon in a solid and beneficial form, which improve soil and allow your plants grow bigger. But what’s the most important – you don’t harm the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Do you know that by adding Biochar into your garden you can remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than is released. It’s this amazing carbon negative technology. Biochar also reduces the emissions of other greenhouse gases from the soil, including methane. Yields rich in biochar are also considered as real carbon sinks absorbing and storing atmospheric CO. Join us and bury CO2 in the soil! Use it as an amendment, look how your plants grow bigger and stronger… and remember that small changes can make a huge difference.





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