BRING BACK THE TERRA PRETA You may think that biochar is an absolute new invention, but rumour has it that the Amazonian people used it over 1000 years ago. Back in the time it was known as terra preta. You probably heard about it before – an incredibly fertile black earth, perfect for farming, totally natural, without any chemical additives. This is what Mother Nature brought to you and now you can have it in your garden without traveling to the Amazon Basin. So, let’s get some technical information – as we mentioned before – biochar is the terra preta of our time. Black earth also known as Amazonian dark earth or Indian black owes its colour to the presence of high charcoal content mixed with plant residues, animal feces and bones. All this things act as an amazing natural fertiliser and changed relatively infertile Amazonian ground into a fecund land. The charcoal found in the ground is very stable and remains there for a thousand of years, providing fertile soil. Terra preta shows high level of micro organic activities which makes the plants grow faster and bigger. Thanks to it’s high mineral content – nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, calcium and many more- it is less prone to nutrient leaching caused by a climate conditions, like heavy rains or floods. OUR TIME TERRA PRETA As we don’t live in the Amazonian Basin we came up with the idea of creating our own terra pretta – Biochar. We improve the soil fertility by using a carbonised biomass and trying to replicate the original black soil. Biochar is known for decreasing the acidity and providing the habitat for microorganisms in the soil, it’s soaked in nutrient rich liquid to slowly release all these goodness. Our goal is to use it in the modern agriculture, without harming the Mother Earth. It is very sustainable and it has a big impact on the climate change. We can’t stop it but we can try to slow it down and do everything we can to save our planet. Turn your garden into the Eden with Biochar. Simply add the organic, full of good carbon and microorganisms material back into the soil and get bigger flowers, tastier veggies, bushy trees and perfectly green grass.





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