Our purpose is to build a community of biochar enthusiasts, advocates, back garden charmasters, gardeners, growers, farmers and businesses.

Biochar and the technologies around it can help fight global warming. It’s production reduces greenhouse gas emissions by interupting a route to their production; the decomposition of biological materials.

Biochar applied in horticulture, farming etc locks up carbon in the soil with good prospects for increasing crop yields.

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We want to make biochar an integral part of the solution to speed up the UK's Net Zero target of 2050

Our three company goals

1/ Increase demand

Raise awareness and it's profile​

The majority of the public have never heard of biochar. We want to help educate the market to raise awareness of its value as a soil improver and carbon dioxide sequestration tool, creating new advocates for the industry.

2/ Increase supply

Make it more available & affordable​

Next, we want to address its availability, affordability and use. We will explore new feedstock opportunities, ways to increase production volumes and pyrolysis technology/collaborators to bring down the price of manufacture. In doing so more people, organisations and businesses can use Biochar in the UK.

3/ Build a new market

Drive a new circular economy

If more people know about it and are using it, this will in turn build a new economy that is helping solve the Net Zero problem. The greater the market size the quicker we can achieve Net Zero in the UK. To achieve this we’ll need to bring the government and corporates into the conversation.

Conscious choices

It’s a small start, but we have chosen to host with UK provider Krystal hosting. They are a green web hosting provider, whose servers run on 100% renewable energy.