About Us

Naturagain UK was proudly established in 2017 as an exclusive distributor and seller of products and technology created by polish listed company Fluid S.A. The main office is based in London, 24 Holborn Viaduct, EC1 2BN. Fluid S.A. has a 25 years history in the implementation of new technologies in heating and power industry, and for the last 10 years has passed on research – implementation works of innovative on global scale technology in connection with unconventional own know-how of authothermal carbonizing (called pyroilysis) of biomass. The implementation process was completed in the fourth quarter of 2016 with the construction and launch in Sędziszów of full-size, working in continuous motion, the Department of Energy Recovery from plant biomass. (more information in the publication “Biochar – as a chance for sustainable information” by professor Jan Gładki – available in our shop).

About Biochar

Biochar is a product of the pyrolysis and should become the most important product of the present civilization for the sustainable development of our planet. According to scientific research most agricultural soils lost 30-75% of the organic carbon in relation to the soils before the era of fertilizers. To restore these shortages, we should give the carbon back to the soil. Biochar production dates from the times of the establishment of the agricultural civilization in the Amazon basin. Discovery of Terra Preta in the 50’s of the XX century made scientis aware of salutary influence of biochar mixed with compost on the agricultural development. Why use biochar? The answer is simple. It offers multiple benefits to your garden and the climate. Permanent chemical binding of carbon retains organic minerals, water and oxygen in soil, so Biochar boosts soil fertility and saves litres of water. It has been established that it changes soil acidity by increasing its pH, microorganisms can start their colonies and encourage plant growth. Additionally, this pyrolysis by-product can be an important tool to increase cropland diversity in areas with severely depleted soils. It also improves the quality of water and decreases the amount of retaining agrochemicals and metals. Moreover, it is potentially reducing growth of greenhouse gas levels and, therefore, has a huge impact on climate change.





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